Video #1: Unpacking Your Acesight

This video explains what is in the box when you first receive Acesight.

Video #2: Headset

A good introduction to Acesight, with all important things explained.

Video #3: Controller

The controller contains all the buttons necessary to use Acesight. This video explains all.

Video#4: Charging Your Acesight Video

It’s simple to charge Acesight. This video shows you how.

Video #5: Putting On Your Acesight

How you wear Acesight, matters. This video helps ensure you wear it correctly and comfortably.

Video #6: How to Use Your Acesight

You can start here if you want to jump right in! All features covered.

Video #7: Moving Around with Acesight

If you have some peripheral vision, walking around is possible. Learn more here.